Users may now use Google Maps to report traffic jams on their iOS devices

Users may now use Google Maps to report traffic jams on their iOS devices

It is no longer necessary to have an Android phone in order to use Google Maps to report traffic incidents. With the addition of Google’s new iOS road incident reporting tool, you can now report problems without having to launch a third-party app like Waze. Regardless of the operating system you use, Google is expanding the list of collisions that may be reported to include disabled vehicles, construction, debris on the road, and lane closures. In the next week, you’ll see both the new categories and iOS support.

As a Google One subscriber, you’ll get a few surprises as well. A 10% Google Store credit is available to those on “specific” plans when they purchase an accessory or gadget from Google. A three-month trial with 100GB of storage, Pro Sessions and increased support for the entry-level plan is available to everyone who purchases a Pixel 4 — even if you were just considering purchasing a One. This isn’t going to make up for the loss of free high-quality photo storage, but it will help you decide if it’s worth it to pay for that benefit instead.

Google and General Motors are working together to bring integrated navigation, a voice assistant, and in-car applications to Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles beginning in 2021. Earlier this year, the firms announced their partnership, and according to the automotive behemoth, it aims to provide the technology to all market participants.

User expectations are rising for seamless integration between the technology in their car and their mobile devices, according to General Motors (GM). A Google Assistant will be included into the company’s upcoming line of Android-powered entertainment devices. Users will be able to download in-car apps from the app store, and Google Maps will be installed in the automobiles. Some of GM’s current infotainment functions, such as vehicle health status and service suggestions, will still be available under the new system.

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