Telepathic communication between brains is successfully achieved by scientists.


Thoughts can now be exchanged between two minds via the Internet, thanks to researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences .’s

When two people were asked questions and given answers, scientists were able to get this result. Experimenters used a relatively simple brain interface. Participants are connected to EEG machines that record the electrical activity in their minds. Everything a human does or thinks is based on the electrical signals that travel between neurons in their brain. So the machine was able to read the thoughts of a single person by recording the electrical activity of their brain.


Whenever a person A was shown a random object’s picture, the other person B was expected to guess what the object was. Person B, the “Inquirer” in the experiment, had to guess the object that person A had been observing.

Consequently, the former makes an attempt to do so by asking a question of the latter, who must answer Yes or No by looking at one of two blinking LED lights on the monitor that flash at various frequencies. If a person responds with a Yes or No, an internet message would be sent back to them and communication would be complete without any use of audible or visual cues.

Researcher Andrea Stocco says, “This is probably the most complex brain-to-brain experiment that has ever been done in humans.” With a 72% accuracy rate, the inquirer was able to correctly guess what communication the respondent was sending over the internet, according to the results.

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