To get around the slow lane, AT&T is charging its unlimited-data users extra

To get around the slow lane, AT&T is charging its unlimited-data users extra

However, this benefit is only available to AT&T’s most costly mobile plan subscribers who have purchased “unlimited” data from the carrier. AT&T will continue to offer two “unlimited” plans that can be slowed down.

There are three “unlimited” plans offered by AT&T, each with a different cap on data use. The quoted pricing for the Unlimited Elite plan is $85 per month for one line, but AT&T’s “Unlimited Extra” plan is $75 and the “Unlimited Starter” plan is $65.


However, starting this week, all of these plans will include high-speed, unlimited data. AT&T announced in a news release that its most expensive customers “will now enjoy AT&T’s high-speed data regardless of how much data they’ve used” and that they may “remain in the fast lane with unlimited high-speed internet.” Starting this week, AT&T plans to begin implementing the new feature, and Elite subscribers across the United States will soon get a text message informing them of the new advantage. Customers on AT&T’s most costly plan won’t see any price increases, but those on the only plan with the new “fast lane” benefit will have to pay more.


For now, AT&T’s homepage states that Unlimited Elite comes with 100 gigabytes (gigabytes) of premium data and that “if the network is overloaded, AT&T may briefly restrict data speeds.” Unlimited Extra comes with 50GB of premium data, whereas Unlimited Starter offers no such assurance. Regardless of how much data a client has used, Unlimited Starter comes with the disclaimer that “AT&T may momentarily decrease internet rates if the network is overloaded”. Even if they haven’t used any data this month, Unlimited Starter users are given priority over everyone else while connecting to busy networks.


As of yesterday, AT&T customers on Unlimited Elite will never be prioritised above non-Elite AT&T customers, regardless of how much data they consume. Unlimited Extra customers will continue to encounter potential slowdowns after 50GB per month, while Unlimited Starter users will continue to face potential slowdowns at any time, no matter how much they use.

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