Nutritional Adjustment Is Necessary for a Plant-Based Diet Change

Nutritional Adjustment Is Necessary for a Plant-Based Diet Change

Certain vitamins and minerals may not be as readily available in a plant-based diet as in an ordinary Finnish diet, which is mainly focused on animal products.

According to comparative research on vegetarian and mixed diets, vegans have greater levels of folate and folate concentrations in their bodies, but those on a more plant-based diet had lower levels of iodine and B12.

Iron reserves in the body were also shown to be lower in those who ate a plant-based diet despite eating a plenty of iron, according to individual research. In part, this can be attributed to the inferior absorption of iron from plant sources.

Finland’s population needs to shift to a plant-based diet for climate-related causes and in light of recent research, A reduction in the intake of animal products, particularly processed meat and red meat, is necessary to achieve this goal. Changing the way we eat may have positive effects on our health, including better fat quality in the diet and, as a result, better lipid profiles in individuals.

In terms of nutrition, making the switch to a plant-based diet is doable and safe. However, as the new diet becomes increasingly plant-based, the dietary adjustments necessary to maintain adequate nutrient intake will increase.

Over the course of 12 weeks, University of Helsinki researchers studied the effects of three different diets on 136 healthy adults. The average Finn’s diet was strongly focused on animal protein in one of the experimental diets. When it came to animal protein in the other two diets, sources such as red meat, dairy, and poultry were swapped out for sources like legumes and nuts.

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