Oxygen Market to gain revenue of about 32, 052(USD Million) by 2028

Market Overview for Oxygen

The form of a colourless gas is where you’ll typically find oxygen in nature. It is an essential chemical with the symbol O and the atomic number 8 that sustains life on Earth. Because it easily forms oxides with a wide variety of compounds and other elements, oxygen is a highly reactive oxidising agent and a nonmetal. It makes up 21% of the atmosphere of the planet.

Air separation by vacuum swing adsorption or cryogenic distillation is a common commercial method of producing oxygen that is nearly 99% pure. Another way to create pure oxygen is through electrolysis of water, however this approach is not cost-effective for large-scale manufacturing. Gas cylinders, spray cans, and other containers, among others, contain oxygen.

The liquid oxygen base containers come in several sizes ranging from 31 to 41 litres. The oxygen market supports the expansion of other associated markets, including those for air-oxygen blenders and medical oxygen.

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Oxygen Industry: Market Trends

The demand for oxygen production is rising globally as a result of the expansion of businesses such as agriculture, transportation, drinks, chemicals, food, glass, medicine, shipbuilding, space exploration, and steel production. These industries all depend on stable oxygen for their processes. The market for oxygen is expanding due to the numerous applications of oxygen in the chemical sector as an oxidising agent and catalyst.

The use of oxygen in the processing of metals, minerals, and mining increases the effectiveness of these processes and lowers the overall cost of production. Due to increased air pollution that contaminates breathing air and reduces the amount of natural oxygen present, oxygen usage as breathing aids and apparatus is rising globally.

Market segmentation for oxygen: overview

For the treatment of soft tissue infections, thermal burns, crush injuries, diabetes-related wounds, delayed radiation damage, specific skin grafts and flaps, etc., oxygen is utilised in hyperbaric oxygen chambers during medical hyperbaric therapy. Carbon monoxide poisoning patients are treated with oxygen gas. The treatment of patients in hospitals and the diving and trekking of mountaineers and scuba divers both employ oxygen-containing breathing devices.

Prominent Players in the Oxygen Market

  • Precision Medical Inc.
  • Besco Medical Co. Ltd.
  • AirSep Corporation
  • Chart Industries Inc.
  • Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare LLC
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Nidek Medical Products Inc.
  • Invacare Corporation

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